Our vision

We help people live better by using data.

Our mission

We do this through engaging training courses, educational products and data-based popular content.


Data is an aspect of our daily lives: not only numbers, but the reality that surrounds us can be viewed through the lens of data

For everyone

Using, reading and representing data is not only a skill for a select few: we believe that with simple and direct language, even fun, anyone can feel involved in data processing


Having the skills to know how to interpret a visual representation of data (data visualization) is part of the rights of every citizen and citizen.


Every profession, every profession that is based on the observation (and storytelling) of reality starts from the data, even if you have never thought about it before.


We believe that the right formula for working with data is to have the goal of being data-informed, “informed by data”, not data-driven, “driven by data”, because with the former we make decisions with awareness, the second is likely to make us believe absolute truths of information just because they have numbers inside.


When the data is not there, perhaps it is because it has never been collected before, not because that part of reality does not exist. Think of the data bias between the north and south of the world, the lack of gender data, for example: we believe they should always be taken into consideration and, when possible, overcome with research.


By learning to read data and graphs we have a knowledge of the world that we need to be better citizens and towns.