We help people work and live better using data


Dataninja is a company born from a data team, based in Italy and active in Europe since 2012. Today we offer data and media literacy training for different targets and data storytelling content

We help people work and live better by offering training, educational products and data-driven content.

🟣 The Dataninja School is the e-learning platform where we offer courses in an interactive format to learn how to find, analyse and visualise data.

🔵 With Open the Box, our media and data literacy project, we want to invite high school students, teachers and educators to open the boxes they encounter online every day, understand more and become more informed.

🟠 Through our Lab section we build projects for data dissemination, with strategic partnerships in Italy and Europe.




Co-founder, he is Head of Product for Education at Dataninja and responsible for Open the Box, a media and data literacy project aimed at high schools. He deals with innovative formats for online information and the design of online learning paths for media and data literacy.



Co-founder, administrator and CTO of Dataninja. Graduated in Complex Systems Physics, he works in data science and web development for the promotion of data literacy and in the field of data journalism.

Andrea Nelson

Project manager, Head of Partnerships

Co-founder of Dataninja, he is project manager, business development manager and research and development manager at the company. A professional journalist, he has specialised in data journalism and open data since 2011.

Federica Arenare

Content editor

Passionate about communication and media literacy, she has an academic background in semiotics that allows her to deal with data and information analysis, UX and UI design and strategic planning.

Alice Corona

Senior Trainer

Specialising in processing, visualising and communicating from data, she offers consultancy in the field of data story-telling to anyone who needs to give voice to their data. Meanwhile, she teaches how to work with data with courses for students, professionals and activists.

Francesca Giannaccini

Content & Media Strategist

Digital & Content strategist for tech and media companies, she has a background as a lawyer specialising in data analysis. Interested in the topics of governance, privacy and Explainable AI she works as a freelancer always trying to promote an ethical and sustainable approach to new technologies.

Daniele Sartiano

Data scientist

A data scientist and researcher at the University of Pisa, he is a specialist in the application of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Benedetta Tonnini

Project Manager

As a child she wanted to open a hardware shop, then changed her mind. She studied international relations because she was attracted by the interdisciplinary approach and the insights it offered to try and understand the world. This is also why she approached data: to look for tools to analyse reality. Current affairs and social issues always remain the ones that capture her attention the most.

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