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Raffaele Mastrolonardo

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The "Migrants' Files" proved that when a database doesn’t exist, it can be built

Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism

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"Mediterranean sea, grave of migrants" is an investigation of unprecedented scale

Harvard Business Review

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We must thank @dataninjait that, among other things, is an aggregator of great ideas, projects, links, data, and so on...

Marianna Bruschi

The merit is all of our fantastic community!


I took just a quick look, but I'm sure this group will be amazing!

Giacomo Alessandroni

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Projects like this could only be done through cross-border collaboration

Columbia Journalism Review

This is the very reason why we always push for people participation... 🙂


"Confiscati Bene" is a pioneering data journalism collaboration

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Our database is released under an open license to ensure its free and full re-use


Wonderful to hear from you "making of" and "how to make data journalism better" in the same sentence

Alberto Cairo

Thanks a lot, Alberto!


Who are we

Dataninja is a data-driven company stemmed from an eclectic working group based in Italy and active throughout Europe since 2012. We build and support projects focused on data culture dissemination through strategic partnerships with various enterprises.

We develop technologies to harvest, organize and enhance online data, extracting critical-value information for your own project. For this purpose, we deploy ad-hoc visual applications and new storytelling formats, along with training events and participatory workshops.

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